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All of our prescription eye wear lenses are designed by Zeiss, Hoya or Nikon. We offer affordable prices on top brand frames. We have an unconditional 1 year warranty on all of our prescription eye-wear.

Our Brands

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Vera Wang
Easy Clip
Jungle Animal
Alfred Sung
Ann Taylor
Dolce & Gabanna
Ray Ban
Michael Kors
Nine West
King Size
Hugo Boss
Kate Spade

Nike branched out from its world known sports and footwear lines to create a range of products also carrying this renowned name.  They have crafted an ophthalmic frame collection for children, women and men that are not only for the athlete to enjoy but are fashionable for all wearers.

Growing up in New York, Vera Wang designed her frames with the elegant and stylish woman in mind.  Using innovative technology and high quality materials, each frame displays Vera Wang’s desire to show fine craftsmanship in all of her work.  Her understanding of tradition and beauty are apparent in the sophisticated, yet sometimes surprisingly colourful, eyewear line.

EasyClip® frames are convenient and stylish. The magnetic, clip-on sunglasses are designed to fit over your optical frames for an easy transition option from indoors to out.


Jungle Animal frames are formed from a single piece of soft plastic, eliminating the need for metal parts, hinges or screws.  They come with an adjustable strap to ensure that the glasses fit securely.  Children ages 1-2 will benefit from the comfort and adjustability of these frames.

Designed in Canada and crafted in Italy and Japan, Alfred Sung eyewear remains among the top for style and design after 35 years.  His eyewear is clean, bold and classic.

TLG frames boast a thinner, lighter and more durable design.  They are crafted with the use of pure titanium, “compressed” plastic, and a titanium “flex” or wood “ultrathin” temples, to make them 48% lighter than the average frame.  Although they are designed with modern and natural materials that give them their refined look, TLG frames are an affordable price for it’s male wearers.

Ann Taylor’s focus and design has always been geared towards the modern woman.  She strives to offer the most chic, iconic, sophisticated and best quality frames to inspire confidence in her wearers.

Founded in Austria in 1964, Silhouette has remained among the top of its class for quality. These rimless designs are crafted with high-quality materials and are perfect for those who prefer the look or feel of heavy frames.

Dolce & Gabanna remains one of the most recognizable names in global fashion. The brand remains committed to its inception and is expressed through the reinterpretation of Italian tradition codes, Mediterranean art and culture. It represents the South of the World: passion, vitality, spirit and attitude to enjoy the life. Dolce&Gabbana is synonymous with femininity and elegance expressed in its eyewear collections through sophisticated and refined styles. Dolce&Gabbana expresses the femininity and sensuality of women through trendy shapes in its ready to wear collection:for those women who have an attitude for those styles that make them feel seductive.

Tiffany As the world’s premier jeweler and America’s finest house of design, since 1837 Tiffany & Co. has defined style & celebrated the world’s greatest love stories with compelling beauty. Tiffany’s inspired tradition translates into the world of eyewear as a celebration of effortless elegance and authentic quality that mirrors the legendary forms and values of the brand’s exquisite jewelry collection. The brand’s passion for perfection and visionary design makes every Tiffany eyewear model an exclusive icon of luxury and aspirational contemporary style.

Ray Ban sunglasses have carried their name as one of top eyewear trend setters for years.  Apart from sunglasses, their classic, stylish and comfortable design has carried over into their optical glasses selection, including options for kids.

Michael Kors is known for his chic and outrageous frames with intricate details and novel designs.  These innovative designs can be found in both sun and optical collections.

Famous for bringing runway designs to the everyday wearer, Nine West began sharing their designs in Manhattan in 1978.  Unique elements and colors give each frame its high fashion feel for the bold, modern, strong woman they were designed for.

Our King Size models are designed to fit those who may need wider frames. Extendable arms allow us to fit the frame to your comfort without affecting the lens or your vision.

LIGHTEC frames are crafted from stainless steel and the innovative technology of a screwless flex hinge system. The lightness of our LIGHTEC models ensure unmatched comfort.

The Scandinavian designed Öga frame boasts a masculine, strong, and functional style. Very modern and classic but with mysterious architectural lines and construction.

Mexx designers from around the world passionately contribute to the design and comfort of each model in the collection. They are always looking to improve and adapt their design to provide the most functional yet stylish frames for their wearers.

Hugo Boss designers have crafted their frames with durable materials and a bold design, keeping your busy lifestyle in mind.  Their classic styling makes for a versatile, practical frame without compromising your style.

Kate Spade’s quirky and creative collection is well known and sold worldwide.  Her accents, unique shapes and detail give her the edge you’re looking for for your colourful personality.


ZEISS provides a broad performance spectrum in each lens category to serve individual consumer needs best. Individualized premium ZEISS freeform lenses provide the highest degree of customization in lens design and the optimal visual experience.

When it comes to the best camera lenses, everyone knows the Nikon name. The same technology, highest-quality materials and years of proven optical design experience have also produced Nikon’s premium, high-performance eyeglass lenses.

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